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Blockchain will revolutionize how films are funded, viewed and monetized.

Film? Funded. Distributed.

Paus makes it easy for filmmakers to fund, distribute and monetize their projects.

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Bringing films to the blockchain

Bridging the gap between creators and fans; filmmakers can now utilize the power of blockchain to gather support from their fans using NFTs. These digital collectibles open a whole new world of possibilities.


Get your films financed using NFTs and share real value with your supporters. Films can now be funded in a decentralized, democratic manner, where filmmakers can involve their fans from the first step to the last.
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Token Gated Content

With our secure Vault, film producers can give NFT buyers exclusive or early access to their film and special bonus content, all unlocked with the buyer’s crypto wallet for complete security. With Paus, we can enable the unlocking of streaming rights with NFTs, with HD content, full DRM and complete privacy.
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Digital Collectibles

Offer exclusive digital collectibles to your supporters to keep as souvenirs, swap for other collectibles, or sell as assets.
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If there is one company out there doing NFTs right in the film world, it's Paus.

They have managed to take a technology that has been seen as divisive and have turned it into a positive tool to aid in getting filmmakers paid.”

A Manchester Story Documentary and NFT Collection

“I wasn’t very comfortable with the NFT space, but the more I immersed myself in it, with Paus’s help,

the more I saw the scope for opportunities for creators and filmmakers like me”
As filmmakers, NFTs weren't even on our radar, but Paus made a complex landscape feel simple.

Done right, it feels like NFTs could play a major role in the future of film as an art form”


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