What does a production company do? Everything to Know About the Roles of Production Companies

March 27, 2023


As you watch content all over the web, tv, and other platforms, you must wonder, who is making all of these marvellous things? Who is bringing this vision to life? Well, that would be a production company. However, it does beg the question, what exactly does a production company do? How deep does their role run in bringing a project to the world?

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We are here to discuss that and answer your burning questions. So let's learn about production companies and what they can do for you.

What is a Production Company?

A production company is responsible for doing all the work and bringing an idea to life. They are in the business of producing content; sometimes, they can even work with a motion picture company.

You have got your corporate video production company that works with different platforms like businesses, events and social media, while the film production company tackles theatre, Broadway, TV and, of course, cinema (film).

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Both work tirelessly in the pre-production, production and post-production processes to create content to reach an audience that can appreciate their work.

They are responsible for the creative and technical aspects of a project. Ultimately, the mission is to deliver engaging stories via visual media. A project's goal can be to entertain, inspire or educate; however, no matter the intent, a production company is there to make it all happen and bring everything into focus.

What Does a Production Company Do?

A production company covers all ground, everything from step one to the final deeds; they take care of it. Keep reading as we get into the details and help you understand the multiple roles a video or film production company plays.

Content Development

The most important and arguably very difficult role to play is developing content.

Naturally, a production house must produce content; this implies cooking up ideas and creating fresh, unique, out-of-the-box ideas that mandate creative thinking.

This is the process where film production companies combine their creative minds to research and explore different types of content suitable for the platform under discussion. A production company can have a dedicated team of individuals for the creative process.

They can specialize in content development and brainstorming ideas that could be substantial.

Script Writing

With a concept or idea all set, next comes writing the script. It can go both ways; the production company can have a team of top-notch writers or seek out writers from the video or film industry temporarily to successfully finish the project.

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They may often give opportunities and allow independent writers to pitch in their scripts and opt for them.

Doing Market Research

Yep, you read that right. The product company's role goes beyond merely saying action or cut; they put in the work and handle all that goes on behind the scenes.

Market research is critical in the movie industry (especially for the indie film world) to explore various works and determine if an intended project has the potential for box office success.

Be it animation videos or some other type of filmmaking, market research is critical in letting the company know what's new. What will work, and what type of content will the target market resonate with? After that comes the fundraising part, which will start the production phase.


A production company takes up the task of executing all hiring. They employ everyone who will be a part of the movie or project in any way. This implies creating a crew list or aiming for that particularly sought-after Hollywood director.

Everyone must be experienced and well-vetted because no one wants issues while filming. Production companies must look out for all these aspects in film production to ensure a seamless experience.

Handling Equipment

All the types of equipment and tools necessary for making the project go without a hitch the production company handles efficiently.

Remember that most production companies may not own all of their equipment; therefore, they tackle whatever needs renting or buying.

The sound stages and top-notch set designs, every little detail comes under the jurisdiction of the production company.

Planning Production

As they clear steps to move forward successfully, the production company secures spaces and creates schedules for smooth and hassle-free filming.

Every production company understands the complexities of planning a project and getting everyone on board on time. One of the toughest tasks can be getting everyone available simultaneously.

Scouting Those Locations

Location scouting entails finding the most appropriate places for shooting the video content. These areas can be exterior or interior for the right scene setting.

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The production company determines if the space matches the script and director's vision. They also need to determine the location's distance from the central film office to assess the feasibility of cast, staff, equipment, etc.

If everything seems right, the production companies must seek out the location owners and get permission for filming.

Shooting locations sounds fancy, but the production company handles all the exhausting details. They get a space rental which can efficiently accommodate all needs. We are talking about ensuring ample space to house three-point lighting systems or spaces for crew members to breathe and take a break.

Moreover, handling dressing rooms for the actors involved and ensuring they are cared for.

Casting Time

If actors are needed, then the production team tackles that as well, usually alongside a casting director. They hold auditions and contact agents if they have some specific actor in mind for a role. After wading through the auditions, they schedule the castings and review all casting tapes.

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All these details can be a long and gruelling process; an actor capable of evoking emotions is key. Sometimes actors need physical training and boot camps, so the production also handles that.

Dealing Contracts

Production involves endless aspects like make-up, costumes, props, designers, and set staff, and the production company handles all the contracts. They find the right people for the job and then onboard them so the process can go smoothly.

Editing and Final Fruit

Lastly, the film production company also handles the post-production phase, where they work with distribution companies to ensure the content gets to the right places. We are talking about visual effects, CGI, etc.

Production companies often edit and mix the final piece before it goes to release.

Production Company vs Studio

When it comes to film, many people wonder what's the difference between a production company and a studio. Many folks even think they're the same thing, but let's clarify this.

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While these two may work together, they are completely different, and we will explain how.

A production company is responsible for making and producing the entire film. It takes over all the necessary responsibilities to ensure you have a fully fleshed-out film ready to go, and this is where the studio comes in. It distributes the movie and may own all rights to the project, too, which often implies they hold more power and finances. Some studios may even have their own production companies.


Making a film or video project can demand a lot, and production companies take up all the tasks efficiently. Many people prefer working with production companies as they take away all the hassle and handle every little detail.

We hope you learned more about the world of production companies and all they do to ensure the success of a visual piece.

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