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We champion visionary storytelling to help creators change the world.

Founded by 2020 by former studio professional Rishi Kapoor, Paus is on a mission to break boundaries in the creative industries through the power of new technology. After a career working at the major studios Sony Pictures, Universal Studios Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney, distributing content to the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Apple, Rishi experienced first-hand how new technology can disrupt an entire media sector.
So Paus was started to solve the media industries most pressing issues through the power of emerging technology. From blockchain through to Ai, our small but powerful team go to work every day to innovating in the areas of film financing, royalty management, distribution and most recently, how Ai can be used to actually create new jobs in the media sector, rather than take them away.

In a short space of time, we’ve received funding from film and telco veterans in the UK and US, have had over 1,000 of our customers become our investors and have reached creators in over 70 countries. More than 12,000 film producers have applied to use our products and services in that time, and we now have a library of almost 2,000 film, series and documentaries in our portfolio, including works from BAFTA and Academy Award winners. We were the first ever company to work on blockchain solutions for both BAFTA and Academy nominees, and we now have IP rights to over 100 titles for trans-media adaptation.

But we are only just getting started. We are now looking to acquire more titles, continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, reach even more creators and work with some of the biggest entertainment brands in the world. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We’d love your involvement, so come and meet our team by sending an email to hello@paus.tv

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