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We champion visionary storytelling to help creators change the world.

Paus is a platform where audiences, can watch hundreds of films for free and directly reward their favourite creators with tips.

From period dramas to documentaries, short comedies and more, we scout the most promising creators from over 70 countries to give you something special every single day.

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Is Paus really free?

Yep! Paus is totally free to watch hundreds of films. You can reward the films you like by hitting the tip button and tipping an amount you choose!

How is it free?

Our award-winning creators partner with us to show their content, and viewers tip the content that they really love. On average, creators can make more money this way.

If the films are free, are they good?

We have award-winning films, that have been selected by various world-famous festivals. Why don't you give one a watch and let us know what you thought?

What kind of films are there?

At Paus, we work with thousands of creators - so we have something for everyone. Comedies with David Tennant, family fun with Sir Ian McKellan or hard-hitting drama with gripping documentaries from Sir Richard Branson, and hilarious yet dark shorts from the likes of Kate Heron, Sadie Frost, and many more award-winning filmmakers.

What are Paus events?

Discover handpicked curated films streaming for limited periods with our weekly screening events, Q&A’s and global festival partnerships

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The Paus Lab

Case studies from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.