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About us

Paus is a web3 media toolkit for filmmakers to finance and distribute their films by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Our Vault gives filmmakers a chance to curate a token-gated experience for their fans and supporters.

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Token-gated content

Store exclusive content inside The Vault. Grant supporters access through unique digital tokens. Only holders of these tokens can unlock the content stored inside The Vault.

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Special Screening room

Film fans get special access to private screenings. Unique digital tokens ensure only the holders get to enter the screening room. Curated screenings for the deserving fans.

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Secure, authenticated viewing

Blockchain technology provides robust security to The Vault. The digital tokens have embedded passkeys that not only secure the viewing experience, but also protect from illegal downloads and screen-grabs.

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war paint cover
doublespeak cover
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bendito cover
paul is dead cover
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