Top Film Festivals in Europe

February 22, 2023


Europe is home to some of the most high-end and major film festivals that are a dream for movie buffs and aspiring filmmakers. The glitz and glam of the event, with star-studded attendees and a red carpet, leave everyone wanting more.

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Add in the phenomenally talented movie makers that present their art, and it's a grand time.

So if you have ever been curious about the top film fests in Europe, we have just prepared this list for you.

Best European Film Festivals 2023

Below we dive deep into the film festivals Europe has to offer.

Cannes Film Festival (16th– 27th May in Cannes, France)

Hands down the most talked about event, Festival de Cannes is the annual film festival held in France and previews the latest movies in every genre worldwide in this largest independent film festival.

The event strives to discover and showcase high-quality works that can enhance the cinema's development while promoting the film industry's growth and expansion.

Cannes festival, film festival

This festival's main prize, Palme d'Or, is among the most desired prizes in the film industry. Filmmakers might even catch more investors for grander future projects in the opening and closing galas.

It strives to spotlight and highlight exciting, innovative, unique new film talent so everyone can appreciate the art.

Venice Film Festival (30th August to 9th September in Venice Lido)

Deemed the original star spot for movies, filmmakers and film fans, this event is among the world's oldest film festivals. Everyone flocks toward the Venice Festival each year in late summer.

This fabulous affair is the ultimate place for getting the first and exclusive look at the most anticipated European films and other motion picture arts.

Venice international film festival

This international festival is about raising awareness and promoting all forms of international cinema in a free spirit.

The Venice Fest also organizes retrospectives to pay homage to influential figures and their contribution to a better understanding of cinema history.

Berlinale (16th- 26th February in Berlin-Friedrichshain District)

Considered among the world's biggest and most highly attended cinema events, Berlinale or the Berlin International Film Festival, is in a league of its own regarding the stunning scope and scale of high-budget and independent films.

Berlin international film fest

The main prize is the Golden Bear which is apropos of the year's chilliest festival.

Its comprehensive options entail German and international films, shorts, past classics, documentaries and feature films. Berlinale selects local and international filmmakers and gives them a chance at glory.

San Sebastian Film Festival (22nd-30th September in various locations in San Sebastian)

Prefer your coastal more Spanish? San Sebastian hosts its low-key yet glorious international film festival that deserves mention here.

San Sebastian film festival

Rated as one of the best film festivals in Europe and worldwide, San Sebastian hosts a stunning international annual European film festival rivalling the prestige of the Toronto International Film Festival in the western hemisphere.

It showcases many epic films, industry bigwigs and high-end prizes like the Golden Shell.

Young filmmakers love to take part in this event and showcase their talent. It was the first event that Roman Polanski attended, and it continues to shine a light on filmmakers' passion.

Leeds International Film Festival (2nd-16th November in Leeds, West Yorkshire)

Spearheaded by the British Film Institute, the Leeds festival is another major celebration of cinematic excellence in film culture.

Leeds film festival

This international film festival has been critical in the promotion and support of filmmakers throughout history. The festival showcases the highest quality films while wholeheartedly committing to the filmmakers.

Attendees arrive from all over for this film festival has a well-curated selection of special screenings.

Locarno Film Festival (3rd-13th August in Locarno, Switzerland)

Sitting between the mountains and lake, this Swiss-Italian haven celebrates cinema in stunning locations yearly. The Locarno event holds the grandest European open-air screening; the experience is said to be breathtakingly magnificent.

Locarno festival, film festival

Locarno holds a steady reputation for its quality arthouse films while honouring indie directors and welcoming talent from all over.

This international film festival includes feature-length narratives, documentaries, shorts, and retrospective programs.

International Film Festival Rotterdam (25th January -5th February in Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Creating a space for unique voices and visionaries, the Rotterdam film festival has a rich history of presenting the best talents in the world.

Rotterdam film festival

This film festival welcomes novices and veterans with open arms and hosts films of all budgets.

The event aims to create an open and warm atmosphere where filmmakers, critics, producers and fans can bask in the glory of amazing films and witness emerging talents while exploring unique cinematic styles and techniques.

Raindance Film Festival (25th October to 4th November in Central London)

Another big name and known among the best film festivals in the game, Raindance Festival is held in London every year. It is a grand display of movie magic and cinematic geniuses.

It is labelled as one of the biggest UK and European festivals and gets official recognition from the Academy awards.

film festival, raindance

This independent film festival sheds light on the absolute best in cinema from around the globe and specializes in presenting new directors and discoveries.

Every year industry professionals and cinephiles head toward London for this event is termed unmissable by critics.

Edinburgh International Film Festival (18th– 26th August in Edinburgh, Scotland)

Another grand spectacle, EIFF, is known all over for uncovering and publicizing the best in cinema. Moreover, this film festival is popular for debating changes in global filmmaking.

Edinburgh film festival

This international film festival transpires more intimately than the York film festival in the US; however, its passion and dedication are second to none, for it honours cinema in all its glory.

Focusing on artistic excellence, Edinburgh film festival scouts new talent with fresh ideas and invites local and international audiences to participate in a fabulous affair of feature films, documentaries, short movies and experimental cinema.


What a ride! The film festivals above are the pride and joy of Europe as they garner millions in revenue and bring the biggest and best together. We hope you found this list informative and that it guided you to the magnificence of European film festivals.

These festivals, held annually, proffer filmmakers the ultimate platform and opportunity for showcasing their movie-making and storytelling skills to everyone.

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