Best Film Festivals in US 2023

February 13, 2023


The amazing journey of attending a film festival brings an endless learning experience. Aspiring critics, cinephiles and filmmakers unite to bask in the shared joy of discussing the latest works and ponder the film industry's future.

If you have been curious about the US's best film festivals worth the entry and daydream of attending one, look no further; we have you covered!

We bring you a list of top American film festivals that always present a grand affair.

Read on to discover the incredible and highly sought-after film festivals in the US.

Best Film Festivals in US 2023

We have carefully curated a list of the film fests in the US that are not to be missed.

Sundance Film Festival (19th-29th January in various locations in Utah)

Of course, the first one on the list has to be the almighty Sundance Festival, an ultimate spot for epic storytellers and fans seeking fresh talent with unique perspectives to gather. This annual program entails films, documentary films, short films and episode content.

Sundance film festival

The world recognizes Sundance as the absolute best, and largest independent film festival in America for it prioritizes indie films.

Another thing that makes Sundance the talk of the town is how many industry trends stem from it, for it is among the most inspirational places for film buffs.

It is mentioned in the same breath as the worldwide popular and prestigious events like Berlin International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival and Venice Film Festival.

Tribeca Film Festival (7th-18th June in NYC)

When the movie industry got heat for not bringing enough platforms for underrepresented characters and untold stories, the Tribeca festival took it upon itself to prioritize that.

This event is primarily known for its focus on emerging voices and offering a spotlight on innovative stories and independent films.

It aims to bring the film community together through an epic and unique storytelling across TV, film, immersive, talks, games and audio storytelling!

New York Film Festival (12th-23rd January in Lincoln Center, NY)

The directors, producers and all film personnel understand the importance of the NY event; they never fail to submit their motion picture art because the qualifying projects fall in the running for Academy awards.

It is safe to say that this event is on every filmmaker's list, no one wants to miss the grand gathering of the industry's biggest and brightest event.

You never know who you can stumble into in this A-list affair of high-league investors worldwide.

While the festival can be rather incredibly competitive, it is worth the submission and experience, according to the experts.

Toronto International Film Festival (9th-18th September at TIFF Bell Lightbox)

When discussing top film festivals in America, you best believe that TIFF will always cut. This academy award qualifying festival is an absolute yes by any writer, actor, director or dreamer, as it has had a rich history of presenting many megahit movies.

This event can hold screenings for over 300 movies and accepts submissions worldwide. If a filmmaker's work gains attention here, they are set for life in the industry.

An audience of over 250,000 attends this event annually, and you come across people with the same passion for cinematic excellence as you.

Chicago International Film Festival (11th-22nd October in Chicago, Illinois)

Film critics can never disregard the role Chicago fest plays in showcasing unheard voices. The attendees are highly encouraged to relax and mingle while discussing the movies and industry experts who fascinate them.

This international film festival also brings a terrific opportunity for filmmakers and fans to dive into the film world deeply. The festival presents short films, feature films, Academy-contenders, breakthrough movies and stories from all over the globe.

Vancouver International Film Festival (September 28th to October 8th in Vancouver, BC)

Another film festival in North America worth mentioning is the Vancouver Film fest or VIFF. This international film festival showcases around 200 works at various venues.

Once the screening is done, festival organizers interview the filmmakers who submitted their work to bring the audience an immersive experience.

The festival holds many innovative discussions which aim to push the film industry and world cinema forward.

Atlanta Film Festival (20th-30th April in Atlanta, Georgia)

Cinema experts and film lovers will seldom neglect to attend the highly anticipated Atlanta film festival. Alongside standing toe to toe with the biggest US festivals, this event is a highly renowned movie affair in the western hemisphere for international filmmakers.

It strives to bring attention to a diverse range of international films from aspiring filmmakers and shedding light on different cultures and cinema while celebrating independent creators.

The intention is to cultivate the ultimate borderless film universe that recognizes no segregations in cinematic talent.

Austin Film Festival (26th October-2nd November in Austin, Texas)

The Austin festival is another special observance of industry professionals, filmmakers, cinema enthusiasts and artists who come together for the grand spectacle.

After all, it is said that everything is bigger and better in Texas, so why should their film festival be any different?

This annual film festival stands tall among the best US movie festivals for it focuses on writing. It is deemed a big launching pad for writers with highly discerning movies. Various international works are screened in this event, alongside artist homage, festivities and discussion panels.

You could say this is an absolute treat for cinema enthusiasts and young filmmakers who seek an exceptional level of writing.


There you go! If you are curious about major US film festivals, these events are all you need to know about. They have gained this reputation due to their steadfast dedication to shining light on cinematic excellence and bringing out magnificent rising talents, so they are worth the entry fee.

So if you are considering attending film festivals in the US, the list above will suffice for you.

They host movie buffs, filmmakers and industry leaders who can change how you view movies. No matter which festival you choose, you'll invest in your future and enjoy the latest film industry offers.

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