What Are the Roles of a Producer?

December 7, 2022


The producer is one of the most important figures in the development of a film and has lots of different responsibilities to oversee the completion of the project. What roles does a producer fill, and how do they enhance a film to the high-quality standard we see in theaters?

A producer is responsible for all steps of production in the film, including procuring the rights to produce the film, finding funding for the film, creating a film schedule, and ensuring that the film is edited before it’s released to the public.

A producer has a number of responsibilities in a film setting, and without one, a movie can quickly fall apart. The rest of this article will cover the importance of a producer, both on and off the set, and the various roles they fill.

Before Filming

A producer’s responsibilities begin well before the first scene of the movie is filmed. After all, there’s a lot to get done with hiring the right actors, getting financed, writing the script, and designing the sets.

As such, a producer generally takes on more of a business role in movie making rather than a creative one.

Film producers can work for a reputed production company or market their skills independently, working on a film project from start to finish, and providing the resources needed to facilitate the creative project.

Casting and Financing

Before a movie can get off the ground floor, it needs to be funded. Moves can be funded in several ways, whether a grant issued by the government, tax incentives, pre-sales, and negative pickup deals.

The producer is often responsible for monitoring the money flow during production, ensuring that nothing goes over budget, and securing the initial funding to get the project going.

In addition, producers will often be part of the hiring process, working with casting agencies to attract the perfect talent for their projects. If a producer is after a high-profile actor, they’ll often be responsible for negotiating with the actor’s agent and procuring their talents for the movie.

In addition, producers tackle the hiring of all the crew members who make the magic happen behind the scenes.

During Filming

As the movie is being filmed, a producer works closely with the director, choreographers, and editors to make sure the movie is being made according to the filmmaker’s original intentions.

While they may not deal with the day-to-day on set as a director does, the producer is still responsible for managing different personality times, resolving disputes, and settling differences where applicable.

By and large, a producer is responsible for making sure everything is moving along smoothly during filming, working with the director to make sure that scenes are completed according to the timetable and that any delays are swiftly dealt with.

At the start of the project, producers will hire additional staff members where applicable and go over the script breakdown and shooting schedule.

Staying in Touch

In many ways, the producer of a movie is the problem solver, and people who take on this role will usually have an extensive list of contacts for people involved in the movie.

They use production management software to keep tabs on everyone, divide members by department, and contact individuals where necessary.

Using software designed for producers helps them to stay on top of the day-to-day workload, fielding inquiries and handling problems as they arise, facilitating a network of people working in harmony to finish the film.


Of course, a producer is also responsible for advertising the movie to the public. After all, no one is going to see a movie they haven’t heard about. Whether it’s managing press releases, overseeing the production of trailers, or managing social media promotions.

After Filming

Once the filming is completed and the actors have all left the set for the last time, the producer continues to work on the project.

The editorial team makes a rough cut of the movie, with the producer overseeing the different cuts, visual effects, and soundtrack. The producer, director, and post-production team all work closely in this process to create the visual and audial effects to make the movie stand out.

If the post-production team needs more funding to bring the project to completion, then the producer is responsible for securing it.

Once the editing is completed, the producer handles the preview screening, plans marketing strategies, and handles the promotion and distribution of the film.

As the release date draws near, the producer will manage advertisements prompting people to see the movie in theaters.

Different Types of Producers

There’s a distinction between different types of producers in a film project. In a smaller project, the executive producer will oversee all producer responsibilities, while in a larger one, the responsibilities may be broken up among several producers.

Executive Producer

The executive producer oversees finances or may finance the project themselves. In some cases, they may have a say in the creative process. Overall, their responsibility is to ensure that all facets of the project run smoothly.

Line Producer

A line producer, on the other hand, is generally responsible for overseeing everything that happens on set. Their role is to assist the executive producer in ensuring the project is on track, hiring talent, and managing the day-to-day budgeting and logistics associated with different aspects of filming.

Supervising Producer

A supervising producer tends to have more involvement in the creative process, focusing heavily on script production so that the creative vision behind the project can be converted into an attainable goal.

Final Thoughts

Producers, in all their different titles, are largely responsible for running a proverbial tight ship. They make sure everything is going according to schedule and oversee the project from beginning to end.

Right from the first viewing of the rough draft to the post-production final touches, a producer has a close relationship with the film to change it from someone’s dream to a reality on the big screen.

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