NEWS: Paus NFT film nominated for 2022 BAFTA

September 3, 2022


Back in 2021, Paus partnered with Jones, a filmmaking duo made up of Max Barron and Michael Woodward to mint exclusive NFTs of their latest work. Even then, we knew that their unusual, satirical short film Three Meetings of the Extraordinary Committee was meant for great things. It came as no surprise to us that it received a nomination for Best Short Film at this year's BAFTAs.  

The film follows the citizens of the small farming village of Dobre, who vote for a mythical creature as democracy comes face to face with reality.

Jones' previous work has been screened at New York's Rochester Museum of Fine Art, and their music videos have been streamed more than 50 million times.  Barron co-wrote the acclaimed Swedish series Moscow Noir (Studiocanal), was nominated for best drama series at the 2019 Monte Carlo Television Festival and is currently head writer on the 2021 series Hostage. Woodward has edited numerous short and long film projects, including the feature documentary The Climb (2017 London Film Festival).

Right now on the Paus NFT marketplace, you can buy exclusive NFTs of Three Meetings of the Extraordinary Committee, which will give you access to an unreleased alternative ending of the film, along with your very own digital NFT poster, signed stills from the shoot and an NFT copy of the original screenplay.

This year's BAFTAs will air on 13th March BBC 1.

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