World Exclusive: Paus mint the first-ever AI written film as NFT

March 9, 2022


There are several reasons we are incredibly excited about our partnership with Mateusz Miroslaw Lis. Firstly, his short film, Scraps of Mechanical Souls, was written using OpenAI's GPT-2 technology. Secondly, we've now minted exclusive NFTs of the film - making it the first film of its kind to be available as a non-fungible token.

The film is the latest work from Lis, who is studying Information Engineering at the University of Padua. Here, he studies Artificial Intelligence technology and its potential uses in artistic fields. Cinema has become his favourite laboratory for combining film and computer technology.

The film tells five very human stories, created using robotics. You can watch the film now on, and the exclusive NFTs are available to buy now. Buyers will receive an NFT of one of five unique, collectable signed copies of a scene from the fascinating script and a poem, written from GPT-2 technology, along with some other exclusive extras.

For more information, head to our NFT listings.

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